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Abilities are the skills and actions available to characters every turn when in combat. More abilities are unlocked automatically by leveling up, and characters can use any of the abilities available to them once it's unlocked. Abilities have no cooldown and can be used repeatedly as long as characters have the required mana or burst meter needed to use them. How often each character can use abilities depends on their respective haste rating, and characters can act multiple times in a row if they are quick enough.

Abilities are divided into three types: actions, combat abilities, or bursts. Actions are instant abilities that generate overcharge, combat abilities are delayed abilities which uses mana, and bursts are powerful instant abilities which depletes the burst meter.

Some abilities can be upgraded by perks to become a more powerful version of the ability.


Actions are the basic abilities of every character. They are cast insantly, use no mana, and are good for dealing light damage and generating overcharge. Each hero begins with a defensive action that reduces damage taken until their next turn, and an offensive action which deals damage and generates overcharge. Two more actions are unlocked at levels five and fifteen.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Combat abilities are more powerful abilities that uses mana and has a delay when cast. Abilities can be very fast, fast, or slow. Characters will ready the combat ability to be cast, other characters will take their turns, then the combat ability will be cast. How many other characters will take their turns depends on the speed of the combat ability. It is possible for the combat ability to be cast immediately after readying it.

Readying a combat ability counts as one turn, and casting it counts as another. Effects such as poison and bleed on the character will therefore tick down twice. Be mindful of this when dealing with enemies with high amounts of debuffs.


Bursts are the most powerful abilities available to a character. They are cast instantly and require a certain amount of the burst meter to be filled. The burst meter is a shared meter between the three heroes, and is filled by using actions or combat abilities.

Every hero has three bursts: Burst 1 which uses a third of the burst meter, Burst 2 which uses two thirds of the burst meter, and Burst 3 which uses all the burst meter. Heroes begin with Burst 1, and unlock more bursts by talking to Beastmaster Raha. Heroes can unlock Burst 2 at level ten, while unlocking Burst 3 requires a task to be completed. Raha gives general directions as to what those tasks are.

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