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I was here to help kickstart this wiki by pioneering the initial versions of these articles. It was my goal to help foster this wiki with a strong basis when other pioneering editors inevitably come along to further the job. I tried. Only so much you can do when you're not entirely familiar with the source material. ^^;

If you want to help this wiki on a moderation or administrative standpoint, please do not hesitate to message me, or our staff founder Pinkachu.

Elsewhere... Edit


I am The JoTS, or just JoTS. I have been casually jotting on articles on FANDOM since August 2011.

That's about all there is to it.


I have visited a lot of wikis over the years, and edited quite a few. Then there's the handful where I have duties:


Roblox Wikia (Admin)


Camp Camp Wikia (Founder)


Daft Punk Wiki (Content Mod)


Battle Chasers Wiki (Bureaucrat)

I dwell in a lot more wikis than just those, but these I do try to patrol every so often.

Other Stuff

  • Music
    Selections, from yours truly, of various video game OSTs (and other background music) that I enjoy. Some of these games I haven't even played, I just dabble in video game music quite a bit. Hopefully I introduce you to some more "niche" games. :)
  • Wikia Notes
    I don't refer to these as much anymore, but perhaps they may be of some use to you..?
  • Scripts!
    I made some stuff that you can use on your wiki! As to whether or not they're actually useful is questionable.

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